Your pets will be cared for in the manner outlined in initial meeting. Notification of any changes is recommended prior to follow up visits.

   I am happy to provide phone or email updates while you’re away. Likewise, a call to notify me that you’ve arrived home safely and tell me how you found things upon your return is appreciated.

   If for any reason your pet appears sick or injured, as a Pet First Aid trained via Red Cross, appropriate measures will be taken. Should veterinary care be necessary, your pet will be taken to its regular vet or to the nearest open animal hospital or emergency clinic and you will be notified A.S.A.P. Pet owner will reimburse any out-of-pocket expenses for veterinary treatment, medications or related costs for care.

   Every effort will be made to make your home appear secure and no phone calls or door bells will be answered during service. If for any reason suspicious activity is suspected, local police will be called.

   Minimum daily pet sitting service is one visit per day (24 hours) for cats & caged pets. Two visits per day (24 hours) for dogs. And verbal or written confirmation is required for all pet care bookings.

   Any messes will be cleaned up as best as possible with cleaning supplies that you provide.

   House plants and garden will be watered as necessary. Reasonable care will be taken to insure that they remain healthy.

   Advance notice of four to six weeks is recommended when planning trips during all National holidays, especially Thanksgiving & Christmas. And a holiday surcharge might be added to services scheduled during these times with advance notification.

      Unless other arrangements have been made, full payment is due on the first day of service. If the total amount due is over $500.00 then partial advance payment may be negotiated with balance paid upon return. Follow up meetings for pet care or key exchange requiring an in-person appointment will be $25.00.

   You must provide all the pet food and pet supplies you anticipate your pet will need during your trip prior to departure. If stock runs low or out and more must be purchased an errand rate of $25.00 will be billed following the conclusion of service and supply reimbursement must be in cash.

   Cancellation fee of $50.00 for less than 36 hours notice of regular service and 72 hours notice for every national holiday. This cancellation policy applies to the days preceding & following scheduled service.

   Although never required, gratuities are always appreciated.

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