House Sitting Services ~ $25.00 once daily to provide a lived-in look while away.

   Mail & newspaper brought inside, put out refuse for pick up and similar household duties.

Alter lights, blinds, TV & radio to make you house appear occupied while you’re away.

Watering indoor and out door plants. (Slightly higher charge for larger gardens.)

These services are included with all pet-sitting services requested.

Kitties ~ $30.00 visit for two cats; additional cats is slightly higher – $50.00 for two daily visits.

Feed your cat, change their water and give any available treats.

Sift clean the litter box. Changing completely may be slightly higher

Love, pet and play with them for 15-20 minutes in addition to above referenced domestic services.

For the Dogs ~ $35.00 per visit for up to two dogs; additional dogs is slightly higher – $60.00 for two daily visits.

   Feed your dog, give treats and change their water.

   Take them for a 15-20 minute walk and pick up & dispose of any messes.

   Pet and play with them.

ONGOING DAILY DOG WALK SPECIAL: Mon. through Fri. ~ 11:30am to 2:00pm for $90.00/week.

For birds, fish or small caged animals ~ $25.00 per visit for up to two tanks or cages.

Cartoon bird isolated object for design element Stock PhotographyAdd food, fresh water and any pet treats.

  Wipe interior of tank if necessary.

  Change cage lining or bedding as needed.

For households with multiple/assorted pets ~ $45.00 – $50.00 per visit for up to four pets.

group of pets

  Feed your pets and change their water.

   Dog walk, pick up & clean any messes, sift litter box and do whatever else your pets may need.

   Pet and play with them.

Extra Services:

   $5.00 for each extra pet, cage or tank.

$2.50 for medication (pills or drops) per pet.

       $5.00 for injections. Subcutaneous Fluids possible (price varies).

   $2.50 for cooking, lengthy special meal preparation or changing animal litter pan or bedding.

   $10.00 for cleaning and changing the litter of each cat box or Pet Fountain.

   $10.00 for 15 minutes extra play time or walk.

   $5.00 for special meal preparation, light grooming or brushing.

   $25.00 key pick up/return fee. $25.00 “No Show fee” if I arrive for home service and pets are elsewhere.

   $25.00 each way pet taxi and $10.00 per 15 minutes of waiting time.

   $25.00 for pet supply shopping & cash reimbursement of any and all supplies purchased for pets.

   Out of Area Service will be slightly higher.

   A surcharge for national holidays will be imposed. All scheduled visits will be priced slightly higher.

   $50.00 cancellation fee for less than 36-Hour notice, and 72 hour notice during all National Holidays.

   Discounts for ongoing daily visits, regular service bookings and multi-service requests.

   Payment is due on the day of departure unless other payment arrangements have been made in advance.

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